The vast majority of health problems you will experience in your life are either caused or exacerbated by stress and subluxations increase our stress hormone production. The most common stress-related ailments are headaches, muscle tension, digestive problems, stomach and intestinal problems, fatigue, sleep disturbances, and other various aches and pains of unknown cause. Stress can be physical, chemical or emotional in origin. The nervous system controls the function of all body organs, muscles and tissues. The result of subluxations is always a malfunction (faulty communication between the body and the brain), especially in the areas where there have been repeated macro/micro traumas.

The nervous system under chronic stress is similar to feeling a threat 24/7, our body is not able to tolerate chronic stress, as a result it begins to fail and symptoms eventually appear. In stressful situations, your body produces enough adrenaline to get through the situation. This adrenaline also makes your heart beat faster, which leads to an increase in blood flow, while your ability to digest decreases. The production of adrenaline is controlled by the nervous system. Excessive stress can lead to muscle weakness, imbalances and misalignment of the spine, which in turn can further impair the body’s ability to produce adrenaline during stressful times Chiropractic reduces the physical damage that stress can cause to a person’s nervous system. When the nervous system is overloaded or the spine is traumatized by falls, accidents, poor posture or lack of exercise, a condition called a subluxation occurs. A subluxation is a minor misalignment of the segments of the spine that causes nerve interference and associated loss of function. Chiropractors specialize in finding and correcting neurological disorders through treatments called adjustments. Recent research shows that adjustments reduce the production of stress hormones and improve body function. FIGHT THE CAUSE NOT JUST PAY FOR THE SYMPTOMS. LET’S HELP.