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I am filled with joy to have been able to serve the Montreal community since February 1994. Over the past 27 years, I have seen people who have lost hope and never thought their bodies would be pain free again. Not only have they experienced natural long-term pain relief, but they have been able to do more without pain and therefore are now living better and fuller lives. It has been very heartwarming and gratifying to help so many people achieve a better quality of life over these years.

Below are some of the testimonials I have received from my wonderful patients.

I am grateful for all of these wonderful testimonials. It means a lot to me that I am helping to improve the quality of life in my community.  If you are in pain, there is no reason for it to continue. Life without pain is possible. There is always hope. I invite you to make an appointment to see how I can help you.

I started seeing dr. Goel 3 weeks ago, i was in very bad shape, i could not sit, drive, lift my arms or turn my head. I was on cortisone and morphine for months! I was referred to her by a friend and was very skeptical at first. After x-rays, she showed me that my spine was out of alignment and that this was the cause of my back pain. I notice an improvement with each session with her, i was able to sit for a long time on the first visits and drive comfortably, today. I can raise my arms and turn my head without any pain now. I highly recommend dr. I strongly recommend dr. Sima goel to anyone living with pain, whether it be joints, nerves, etc. After some specific body/spine manipulations and adjustments, you will see a big change.

She is also a loving and compassionate person who genuinely cares about your well-being.

I strongly recommend following the natural way.

It is worth a try.

- Melanie.

When I first went to see Dr Goel, I could not even climb stairs. I loved hiking and thought I would never be able to hike again. I had so much pain in my hips, groin, and lower back. After running three marathons, I was in terrible shape.

She slowly re-adjusted me until I could start climbing stairs again and now, I am hiking with no problem. Of course, no marathon yet, but at least I can lead a normal life with little or no pain.

I am very happy and highly recommend Dr Sima Goel.

Thank you Dr Sima.

- Sam scalia.

I have been seeing Dr. Goel for a few years and I love her caring and positive attitude. She shows great empathy and is ready to help and heal not only the body, but also the mind and soul.

During this time of covid, she made sure to stay in touch with her patients through Zoom meetings, where she helps us maintain good healthy practices, breathing techniques and exercises that we can do at home.

I am not used to writing reviews, but tonight Dr Goel called me personally to see how I was and to make sure I was okay. I was very touched by this gesture because it showed me that she really cares about our well-being and that she goes above and beyond her obligations. She is just awesome!

- Yiasou.

My meeting with Dr Sima is one of the greatest blessings of my life. I had body aches (lower back, neck, shoulder, foot) and daily household chores affected my mood with persistent pain in the background. In fact, I had no idea of how much movement I had been missing out on, until after just two adjustment visits to Sima.

I have been seeing her 3 times a week for the past two weeks and with each adjustment, I feel relaxation and a decrease in tension in my body. In fact, I am more aware of the habits I have developed over time doing tasks and activities that add to this tension. I share them with Sima, who helps me by sharing her experiences and tips on relaxation. I really enjoy these chats.

I love her mind-body healing approach. She creates this space to communicate freely and each session with her is a source of inspiration. I would gladly recommend her to anyone who experiences even slight discomfort in movement.

I must admit that my quality of life has greatly improved, and I am very happy to feel these movements that I have been missing for years, I feel renewed.

- Rowena J D'souza.

My whole family is followed and adjusted by Dr. Goel. At first, I was a little hesitant to see a chiropractor, thinking that I did not need this treatment. But she patiently explained it to me and encouraged me to try it. I am glad I did. I do not have headaches anymore and I feel much better. Dr. Goel has helped me improve my posture at work. She is very friendly, kind, and caring. I strongly recommend her.

- R.

Phenomenal! A wonderful lady who has helped me on multiple occasions get back to playing pro hockey for the Montreal Canadiens organization. A must visit if you have anything bothering you. Great professionalism and knowledge of her craft but more important she brings a personal and caring approach to her customers and genuinely wants to see them all healthy and thriving in life.

- C M.

After doing a lot of research I took my 22-month-old child to see Dr Goel. The ENT has mentioned he had liquid in his ears and just few days later he developed ear infection in both ears. Right side was bad. With a trip by plane scheduled within a week, I decided to take him to Dr Goel, she was right away available, she made us feel welcome right away, she was extremely sweet to my child and little by little started building a relation with him, so he let her work on his right side, thanks to Dr Goel and his chiropractic adjustments on his right side, his infection was gone, and he was much better and ready to travel. It is important to be aware that there are other approaches to these current ear infections. My child has been traumatized by his ENT but with Dr Goel, he is always so happy and relax, she just loves kids. Thanks for your help!!

- S M.

I started seeing Dr Sima after a chance meeting through a friend. I had never considered a chiropractor before, but there was such energy in her that I instinctively knew I had to try. My main issues were stress headaches, neck, and shoulder stiffness. I had tried various methods for years, but never had anyone taken an x-ray. With Dr Sima’s extensive knowledge and experience, she was able to explain what she saw as the cause of my symptoms. We started the sessions immediately and not only did my symptoms improve, but I am learning a lot about posture and the mind-body connection. Dr Sima is an amazing caring and nurturing professional who will go well beyond just doing an incredible job. She genuinely loves what she does and shares everything she knows is good; exercises to improve your condition, insightful comments to change your thought patterns, even nutritional recipes she prepares for her own family. I look forward to starting my mornings with her and I am grateful to have met such an incredible person!

Thank you Dr Sima!!!

- Emilia Dracopoulos.

Dr. Sima is a compassionate, knowledgeable, and caring person who really wants to help people get better in a more natural way. She has the same values as I do, and I think that is why I like her so much. I have had 2 back surgeries, chronic pain and have been on so many medications and yet 5 years later I am still in pain (probably worse due to other health issues from all the medications and stress). I noticed a difference in my back and my pain level during the first adjustment I had with Dr. Sima. I know she will be able to help me with my health issues and I have confidence in her abilities. My only regret is that I did not go to her sooner. My husband and my 9-month-old daughter are also getting their adjustment and I think they will benefit from it as well.

Thank you Dr. Sima!

- Lanie G.

Dr. Goel has made a big difference to my health. She has witnessed the transformation I have experienced over the years. As a result of her advice, I lost 68 pounds of weight and resolved all the major issues that had plagued me for years. Weekly adjustments have brought me to where I am today. I have referred many customers to her over the years and continue to recommend her to my friends and family. I wish her all the best!

- Kristy Hoffman.

A few months ago, I woke up with intense pain in my lower back. I had a history of recurring back pain, but this time it was different. I could not get out of bed; the pain was so intense that it started radiating down my legs. The pain was excruciating, and I was scared. One of my colleagues insisted that I visit Dr. Goel, who helped her with her back pain. Desperate for help, I made an appointment and to this day I am forever grateful. It was a slow process, but I always felt better after each visit. Today, I have regained control of my life and my pain. I have been able to return to the active lifestyle I was used to, and I owe it all to the chiropractic care I received.

- Leslie R.

I started seeing Dr. Goel only a week ago after a friend’s recommendation. I have terrible gastrointestinal problems (heaviness, bloating, premature fullness, belching), thyroid disease and severe neck and shoulder pain. After trying conventional medications and making no progress in restoring my health, I decided to give Dr. Goel a chance. Frankly, I was very skeptical, and we had a long and honest conversation about my expectations and my willingness to engage in the healing process. She took the time to answer all my questions and offered support not only with her professional knowledge, but with a simple gesture of humanity and understanding. I am happy to see a light in the tunnel. My neck and shoulder pain are almost gone, my gastrointestinal problems are improving, my energy level is higher, and I am sleeping better. So far, so good. Thank you, Dr. Goel!

- B R.

What started out as a simple neck injury nearly a decade ago turned into the most disruptive thing in my life. It grew from an irritating pain in my neck to a loss of mobility, stiffness, back pain, and finally terrible migraines. They started as a severe headache that would come and go every few months. They grew in intensity and frequency until I was having at least one a month, with growing symptoms for a week before and lingering effects for weeks after. I was nauseous all the time. They disrupted my whole life. I was told that migraines are perfectly normal and that I should take some Tylenol and get used to them. I tried neck braces, muscles relaxants, massages, pain killers, hot and cold patches. On the advice of my father, I contacted Dr. Sima Goel and within the first session she knew what was wrong and how to fix it. The road to recovery will be long but it has only been two months and so far, I have not had a new migraine and my back pain has improved.

- P M.

I started seeing Dr. Goel about 8 weeks ago and I must say that there is a huge difference in my well being. I used to get up several times during the night to go urinate and since I started my treatment I sleep through the night. With this being said I am also a lot more energetic during the day and I feel so much better in my skin. I also suffered from major leg pain and she seemed to have helped me alleviate most of the pain. Thank you Dr. Goel you are amazing!!!

- P R.

I suffered for many years from pain and discomfort, which I attributed to exhaustion and just getting older. I am a single mother with two children aged 11 and 16, so my life is always on the move. I have always had trouble sleeping and resting properly. A week ago, I woke up with severe pain in my neck and head and as the day went on the situation just got worse to the point that I could not move my neck anymore by the evening. A friend of mine recommended that I see a chiropractor, especially Dr Sima. I never thought of seeing a chiropractor for my pain. Honestly, I did not think it would help me. I was wrong. From the first day I met Dr Sima, I knew she was an angel sent to me from heaven. After only 3 adjustments, my pain subsided, and I was able to move my neck with ease. I could not believe how damaged my body was and felt sad that I had waited so long. Dr Sima made me feel comfortable and assured me that she could help me and that I would be better. Her positive energy is undeniable and after just one treatment I left her practice happier and more positive than I had been in a long time. I sleep better and I feel rested. It is simply extraordinary. If you are in pain, do not endure it anymore. One consultation with Dr. Sima and she will change your life. She changed mine.

- M.

I have just started treatments with Dr. Goel. In my case, back and neck pain dates back over 20 years and I had gotten used to living with recurring pain and especially, for a few years now, chronic fatigue every day. I have had only 3 treatments and during my training session with my coach this morning, we were both really surprised that I could do my exercises without finding them strenuous and exhausting as before. This new sense of vigor is miraculous. I am much more awake during the day and the energy is multiplied by 10. I did not expect such results so early in the treatment process. I cannot wait to see what happens next!

- R C.

Dr. Goel is a god send. We have been working on several health issues that I have for about 3 months now and I must say that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I was told that I needed spinal surgery but when I met Dr. Goel she asked me to give her a chance to show me that there is an alternative to surgery. She was right, I am feeling less pain in my back and she is also helping me manage my asthma and anxiety. She is so knowledgeable and so kind. She takes the time to listen to her patients and always has a warm welcoming smile when you enter her office. I would highly recommend Dr. Goel.

- L N.

I came to Dr. Goel because I had sinus problems and migraines. I had tried everything from neurologists to acupuncture and nothing helped until now. Dr. Goel is a great professional. She studied my health history, talked to me, gave me advice for lifestyle changes and treated me with dignity and care. I feel much better now since I have begun treatment and I recommend her 100%. In fact, I find that I am standing taller and more aware of how I move and feel.

- N R.

Dr. Goel’s approach to wellness is holistic, she covers all aspects of health, including but not limited to physical, mental, and emotional. After just one session, I had so much more mobility in my neck, I really could not believe it. Aside from the practical benefits of the treatment, knowing her is such a privilege. She is a true example of kindness, wisdom, and leadership. You will not find a better chiropractic and wellness expert.

- A H.

Dr Goel is not only an amazing chiropractor but an amazing health coach. She truthfully teaches that being healthy is a choice and you are in full control of your health.

In a few treatments she was able to address my vertigo and neck problems. I am addressing poor posture issues that I thought could not be addressed but she has proven me wrong.

Dr Goel has also coached me towards healthy nutrition choices – not a fad diet. I eat as I feel just no bad choices – I feel satisfied and in a little over 2 months I have released 17 pounds.

I eat healthy fats, nuts, meats, vegetables, fruits, and a super kale based smoothly every morning.

My energy has not been this high in years.

The journey is simple – chiropractic adjustments, eat healthy, be mindful and enjoy life.

Thank you Dr Goel and I hope many more people that need guidance towards health can get a chance to meet you and begin their journey of health.

- F C.

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