Whiplash is most commonly associated with automobile collisions, where one car is rear-ended by another. However, other events, such as falls, sports injuries and amusement park rides can also trigger the disorder. Classic symptoms of whiplash include neck, shoulder and jaw or arm pain. Headaches and dizziness are also associated with whiplash.

According to the Journal of Orthopaedic Medicine, chiropractic care offers the best option for relieving pain associated with whiplash. Researchers divided 93 patients with chronic whiplash symptoms into three groups based on the type and severity of each patient’s symptoms. All participants received an average of 19.3 chiropractic adjustments during the study period.

Results showed that two of the three groups (patients with neurological symptoms) improved with chiropractic care, with 85.5% reporting “some benefit,” 33.5% enjoying an improvement of two symptom levels, and 31% enjoying complete resolution.

Our bodies heal when they have all the right ingredients to heal. A specific spinal adjustment allows the body to respond by healing itself. The body is naturally capable of doing this. We get excellent results. So take care of yourself. If you’re in pain and haven’t seen a chiropractor yet, it may be time to think about it. Chiropractic care is affordable and fortunately covered by most major private insurance providers.